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Designed to have an ultra-thin appearance and extreme convenience, the 12mm-slim CUVIE SLICK brings an ultralight function. The stylish business-like design allows you to put it in your pockets or hold it in your hand with ease on the go. As a disposable device HQD Cuvie Slick is efficient and has a great taste that can guarantee a refreshing taste each puff. The all in-one cartridge inside the Cuvie Slick is a leak proof design powered by a long-lasting battery, enabling up to 6000 puffs without worrying about running out of power. Unlike traditional cigarettes this product is a cost-effective alternative to smoking. Accessing the ability to use whenever and safely store away for later use. This gives you the power to monitor consumption and involves less trips to the tobacconist; whilst being the perfect solution for those in the process of quitting cigarettes.
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