The silver lining – As of now, you can still get your hands on your preferred e-liquids, devices, and hardware from HQDTECH.


The less favourable news – Starting March 1, 2024, the TGA is putting an end to the Personal Importation Scheme for all vaping products. This implies no more importing of any vaping-related items, from coils and pods to kits and zero mg nicotine products. Essentially, anything designated for vaping won't be allowed for import. E-liquids, whether nicotine or nicotine-free, and all vape products will exclusively be accessible from licensed therapeutic suppliers, namely pharmacies, within Australia. Furthermore, flavor options will be restricted to Mint, Menthol, and Tobacco only.


It's safe to say; HQDTECH doesn't align with these regulations, and we suspect many of you feel the same.


PLEASE NOTE – We're actively exploring solutions to ensure you can continue enjoying the products you love from HQDTECH. Stay tuned for more details. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter to stay informed about these significant changes.


Here's what you need to know:


January 1, 2024:

• Disposable vapes are prohibited from importation, but all other products remain available.


March 1, 2024:

• From this date onward, you can only purchase vapes and vape products from an Australian pharmacy, either in-store or online.

• The Personal Importation Scheme for vapes will cease, barring any imports from outside of Australia.

• Orders placed before March 1, but not cleared by customs by this date, may face detention by customs.

• Flavors will be limited to Mint, Menthol, and Tobacco only.


What you can do:

• Continue enjoying your favorite HQDTECH flavors, devices, and hardware throughout January and February 2024.

• Stock up on your preferred flavors while you still can.

• New Regulations came into force on January 1, 2024. Further Regulations will come into force anytime now, but probably around March 1, removing the personal importation scheme that has allowed vaping goods with prescriptions. We cannot determine if the Border Force will detain any packages after these dates.

• If using Standard shipping, place your order no later than 9:00 am (NZST) on February 26 for the best chance of clearing customs before the cut-off date.

• If using DHL express shipping, place your order no later than 9:00 am (NZST) on February 28 for the best chance of clearing customs before the cut-off date.

• HQDTECH will not be liable for any packages detained by customs from March 1, 2024.