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Very good product, Very nice flavours

i ordered the iget bar on two occasions, and i got the Cola ice, Melon ice, bf one other i can’t remember and they were very good. can’t wait to order more!!

Rutho 26-01-2023
HQD Cuvie Air Nicotine RECHARGEABLE Disposable Vape 4000 Puff

The rechargeable ones are by far the most economical

I have tried a few different vapes now but I have found that the rechargeable ones are by far the most economical. Others stop when they run out of charge but these keep going until they are actually empty so therefore they last 1 to 2 weeks longer.

Belinda 27-12-2022
IGET GOAT Nicotine Disposable Vape 5000 Puff

The Goat is awesome

Best vapes I have used…. And I have tried them all. great flavours especially energy rush***** And they last for ages

Ben 15-12-2022
HQD Box Nicotine Vape 5500 Puffs

Thanks guys

Bloody great thank you ????

Victoria 11-12-2022
IGET Legend Nicotine Disposable Vape 4000 Puff

IGET Legend

Easy to use Delicious flavour range

disposable 17-11-2022
IGET KING Nicotine Disposable Vape 2600 Puff

Smooth tobacco

Love it. Good if you want to stop smoking.

Lou 14-11-2022
IGET PLUS Nicotine Disposable Vape 1200 Puff


This particular vape has a unique filter to it. It's very smooth and I quite enjoyed the taste and strength. I'm currently trying the Lychee Lemon Ice favour. I would advise and encourage people who smoke disposable vapes to give this brand a try.

Janie 24-10-2022
IGET Shion  Nicotine Disposable Vape 3pk 600 Puff

Thanks to mates across the ditch

Yeah, these are the same ones you'd get in a cigi shop if your country wasn't such an over-controlling under acting and endlessly greedy, self (politicians) serving pathetic bunch of pissant weakling wankers with no backbone, no leadership and/or support for the citizens that put them in their seats. At least we have a new labour government that has shown they are very eager to regularly meet and work with Jacinda Ardern's NZ labour government which has often (thankfully in my point of view as an overtaxed (the fact that these vapes are reducing gov. tobacco taxes and therefore need to be outlawed proves conclusively that 1.The taxes aren't to support medical costs to the community that are caused by smoking and smoking related illnesses but just to pay for bad governing in the general sense. And 2.That the government doesn't give a crap that vapes are reducing the amount of people inhaling all those toxic chemicals, quite the contrary, they are upset that their citizens, having made better health decisions that include avoiding these taxes that are killing them just as quickly and ruthlessly as the chemicals themselves, in getting better, are now avoiding their addiction taxes that the government need to compensate for their inefficiencies and outright poor choices. And so, in outlawing the sales of these devices without a prescription, they have chosen to force Australians back on to the lucrative tobacco death sticks that taste and smell nearly as horrible as the Australian governments blatant disregard for their citIzens interests and wellbeing, they would rather get a few more opportunities to wring our taxes out and dispose of our carcas' than to praise the better heath decision and celebrate the chance for us to earn more taxes over the long term simply because they rely on the taxes from tobacco to continue to come in instantly and the taxes that our extended life will likely be given to the opposing political party. These f'g no good.... F!

Mark 23-10-2022
Vecig 600 Puff


Ive brought every flavour now and every one is just as amazing as the one before, Ive brought in bulk too. Postage is a breeze, I'm in Australia and no problems on arrival. Ive gotten my mother and best friend on too these now too Admin Thanks for the great feedback we do appreciate your comments

Ebby 16-10-2022
IGET MAX  Nicotine Disposable Vape 2300 Puff


This particular brand works well for the Consumer that values quality and taste. Excellent flavours. Sends out full fusion with each puff. I definitely advise to try this Vape. I tried Grape Berry and Lush Fruit.

Janie 15-10-2022
IGET Dual Nicotine Disposable Vape 2100 Puff

Amazing two flavours in one

Great taste and I was quite happy with the product. The Dual range product is very interesting as two flavours allowed me to swap out.

JDog 27-09-2022
HQD Cuvie Plus Nicotine Disposable Vape 1200 Puff

I was carefull to read reviews but great outcome

I was carefull to read reviews before I purchased and was sceptical but most people said they had received their order so I placed an order. At first, I thought they were fake reviews but I brought anyway (12 Cuvie Plus) vapes and received a tracking number just after purchasing. It took a little longer to come but I received them so it was no scam. Overeall I was very happy with tyeh service and would buy again.

Nikko L 21-09-2022