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    HQDTECH offers a wide range of disposable vapes & rechargeable vape devices with different flavours of liquid for sale. Our vapes containing nicotine vapours provide a similar experience to smoking but without the harmful effects of smoke. All our sites are run and operated by Prefixx Investments Limited, based in Auckland, New Zealand. 

    Throughout the site, pages are customised to deliver information based on your Country's region. We are currently operating with two currencies, New Zealand Dollars and Australian dollars, depending on where you are located. You may not see the same information or details if you arrive at this site from different countries. Importantly we endeavour to display information related to various Government policies concerning products we offer on this website. Some countries have much stricter policies than others, many countries have specific limits on what you can ship in, and it is essential that you familiarise yourself with policies that relate to your location.


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    Australian Labor Government has gone stark crazy and lost its marbles ! 

    The Australian Government has announced the annihilation of the retail vaping industry in Australia. More critically, it has announced a move back to smoking carcinogenic and tar-based cigarettes. As well as increasing duties on cigarettes to increase revenues further.  It is the most insane policy that could possibly be perpetrated against citizens. If they wanted to do something constructive, they could follow the New Zealand system and regulate specialist vape retailers, licence individual products that are sold and create an annual licence fee for compliant products. This is the most draconian vaping regime on the planet and takes away citizens' rights to choose whether to suck a vape or not. The government's sole rationale is that vapes are being used by those under 18. If that is the case, then regulate the vape industry and create specialist vape retailers who act responsibly and stop the black market sales from car boots.  If the Government thinks folks are going to buy plain non-flavours from Pharmacies, they have their head in the sand or in the dark elsewhere. Pharmacies simply won't stock inventories. We have tried previously to sell to Pharmacy with regulated products, correctly labelled and have spent a huge amount on compliance. We ended up shipping the inventory back to our warehouse in New Zealand. The people that spout this diatribe and make these completely ill-informed decisions are so badly informed it is incredible that you all voted for them.

    HQD Cuvie WholesaleHQD Cuvie Wholesale

    How e-cigarettes came to the U.S.A.

    A pharmacist in China created what would be the first commercially successful electronic cigarette (Disposable vapes) in 2003. “He wanted to develop a pure form of nicotine that could help smokers quit, but without the thousands of harmful chemicals that come from burning cigarettes,” explains Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin, PhD, co-director of the Yale Tobacco Center for Regulatory Science. Disposable vapes were the solution. 

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    HQD implements anti-counterfeiting verification ...

    HQD has implemented controls on disposable electronic cigarettes, their vape liquid and flavours to ensure products are genuine.

    You can find the authenticity verification code sticker on the product packaging,
    scratch off the coating to get the authenticity verification code.
    You can also scan the code on the sticker with your phone to see the results.

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