The backlog of orders has now been cleared. Processing time is now back to normal (less than 24 hours). Order now before the Christmas rush. is a comprehensive marketplace for genuine HQD products based in New Zealand. Our products are 100% genuine and we do not sell fake HQD products. Our reputation is unparalleled in regard to HQD products. Our primary products are the HQD MegaHQD CuvieHQD Cuvie PlusHQD Super and HQD King. All contain different amounts of puffs and flavours depending on the user experience required. Our goal is to out-price all other competitors on the New Zealand nicotine vape market by at least 5%. We are always looking for potential new products to add to our store. If you have any suggestions, please use the ‘contact us’ form.

You can avoid fake HQD’s through purchasing only on our store. Our HQD Vapes are 100% genuine. There is an age verification system upon entering the site to help reduce the chance that an under 18 is purchasing our HQD vapes.