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Genuine HQD Products AustraliaGenuine HQD Products Australia

HQD Tech is a comprehensive marketplace for international sales of genuine brand vaping products based in New Zealand. The company operates a comprehensive stocking and dispatch warehouse facility in New Zealand. ALL our products are 100% genuine and we do not sell fake products. You can avoid fake products by purchasing only from our store, where we strive to maintain an excellent reputation and look after our customers who purchase products from us.

We have a wide range of types of products, mostly disposables and vaping systems/kits. The primary ranges we currently inventory are:

HQD Cuvie Plus, HQD Maxx, HQD Mega, HQD King, HQD Cuvie, HQD Box, HQD Air, HQD Star, HQD Bang, HQD Cuvie Maya, HQD Hot, HQD Boom, HQD Titan

IGET Mega, IGET King, IGET Max, IGET Plus, IGET XXL, IGET Shion, IGET Bar, IGET Nova, IGET Nova Reusable Pod

Vecig, Vecig Maxxpod, Vecig Air and Xcelencia Gunnpod, Dual-X, Xcelencia Gunnpod

All contain different amounts of puffs and flavours depending on the user experience required. Our goal is to provide competitive products internationally and offer you the best customer support experience we can have. This is managed through our support team, who can be contacted by opening a support ticket.

There is an age verification system upon entering the site to ensure prospective customers are aware of the age limit requirements. We are always looking for potential new products to add to our store. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.

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