Delivery Options

Delivery Freight Options

Delivery freight options are selected at either the Shopping Cart OR the Checkout.

Each Country has different delivery options, so not all countries have the same shippers available, and freight rates will vary depending on the Country and the number of units purchased which reflects the weight.

Obtaining a Freight Rate


Reship Insurance

Reship Insurance

You may have noticed we offer a small reshipment insurance charge in the Shopping Cart.

This is a product that offers additional peace of mind if you are concerned there is any likelihood of your shipment being intercepted and stopped at any point. Some countries are more difficult than others to send goods to. If you have selected this premium at the checkout, we will reship your entire order if it gets suspended at the border.

The freight rate includes a small insurance premium for lost goods, but our additional small premium goes into a pool from which we will replace and re-ship your order if anything goes catastrophically wrong.


Freight Companies

We have two main companies and three options we can use.

There are some countries we cannot ship some products to, and we attempt to limit those at the checkout.

NZ Post

NZ Post

We have several freight options, including Courier Services and as well Postal Services.

In New Zealand, we only use NZ Post as we have a special Dangerous Goods licence to enable carriage around the country.

The Postal services are limited to a maximum of FOUR units under the UPU (Universal Postal Convention) rules.



DHL Express freight

This is a premium door-to-door courier service with near next-day delivery to some countries and regions.


Dangerous Goods

Please note that many of our products contain Lithium Ion Cells. We comply with UN3481 - PI967 - Section ii. These are often problematic in some countries, so we will do our best to label shipments correctly with the appropriate labels and declarations.

Lithium Ion IATA regulations


Country Specific Shipping Issues

United States of America - MAX four units per parcel

We don't know what you did to upset the US Government but the US is coming down hard on unauthorised shipments into the USA.

The FDA have implemented controls so that FEDEX and DHL are unable to carry our products.

We have implemented a service via the Universal Postal Service that allows us to dispatch up to four units in a consignment. The special declaration that goes with the USA orders is below.

Universal Postal Convention Certificate



Border controls do not allow any of our products to ship into Italy or Hungary