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You are probably here for one of two reasons. You have a message that your order is over the set threshold OR you are interested in Freight delivery times and the courier options for Australia.

NOTE: We have implemented new cart rules for ordering products on our website. You can only purchase a maximum of 2 units of either reusable kits or disposable devices. This rule does not apply to reusable replacement pods, which have no maximum order limits. You can only complete a purchase if you adhere to the cart rules. If you require more than 2 disposable or reusable devices, you can place multiple orders – shipping fees will apply to each order. BUYER BEWARE - Please be aware of the laws local to your region regarding the importation of these products to your country. We take no responsibility for any orders stopped at the border of your local region. To avoid any doubt, we operate out of New Zealand.


Order over the set threshold:

Australian Border Force IMPORTING Large orders BY POST OR MAIL into Australia
If you are seeing this message at checkout, it is because your order value is declared or assessed at an amount that exceeds the Australian Border Force regulations for imports without a customs or duty clearance. On entry into Australia, Border Force will arrange for a First Notice to be sent to you by Australia Post advising that you must lodge an Import Declaration with Australian Border Force for your consignment.
 The Import Declaration will be assessed for duty and taxes, and an import processing charge will also be applied.

ACTION to TAKE: You can either continue to place your order (which may or may not require an import clearance) OR reduce the value of your order to meet the allowable Border Force requirement and place another order if you need additional items. We will also review orders that are exceeding the import values set by the Australian Government.

Checkout Page:

To ensure that shipments are fulfilled on time, it is important that you put your shipping address into our system correctly. We have deployed expensive Google address matching software that will assist you in creating your address, AND at times we will do a manual check on orders in our shipping system. Please double-check your delivery address with particular attention to the Apartment Number, Building Number, and Prefecture or State and Postal codes.

We will not be held liable for an incorrectly addressed item, and our warehouse team feel depressed when we hear that a parcel has not found a home.

Google will assist and add various texts to the drop-down field as you type your address. The more detail you provide, the closer the address match will be.

If you are unsure of your real address, do a Google or Bing Search and confirm or send us an email via the contact us tab, and we can assist.

Common errors:


Typical errors are placing a unit number in address line 2, or not providing a unit number at all when you live in a large apartment block, or asking for the packet or box to be left next door. 

Parcel Locker Parcel Collect

Some countries like Australia and New Zealand allow a Post Parcel Collect system where you can collect your parcel outside of teh standard business hours. We have allowed a field specifically for this and labelled it Parcel Locker # / Parcel Collect #.


Another error is using the wrong postcode. Please check your State and Post Code carefully. There is another street the same as yours in another state. The address matching software should correct any incorrect postcodes and states.


All orders will usually be packed and shipped within 12- 48 hours or the next business day once the order has been received and paid. That being the usual case, however, if there is a public holiday in New Zealand, we might be a day later. We do operate the warehouse at unusual hours, so it is even possible we can pack overnight.

Just remember that in the last few years, deliveries Internationally have been more problematic, and delivery times have deteriorated since COVID, SARS and related global epidemics.

Covid-19 has changed how New Zealand Post, DHL, FEDEX, and Universal Postal Union systems deliver parcels globally.

Public Holidays and near Christmas deliveries can be extended by up to two weeks or even more. International Postal Systems are overwhelmed with parcels, but with our extensive tracking systems, you can follow progress easily. If you have any concerns, please log a support ticket or email us via the contact us form. We do like hearing from customers.


You will not only receive an invoice and separately an order confirmation to let you know things are progressing, but you will also receive links to our automation tracking systems. The best way to follow the progress of your order is to use the automated tracking system.


Shipping times:

Different Carriers have different delivery times.

ALL export orders consigned through NZ Post are collected by the New Zealand Post Couriers from our Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand warehouse around 2 pm NZ time.

ALL export orders consigned through DHL are collected by the DHL Couriers from our Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand warehouse around 1:30 pm NZ time


New Zealand Post  

New Zealand Post Go Australia provides three options for shipping:

  1. New Zealand GO Australia Express: 5-7 days
    You may upgrade to the New Zealand Express post by selecting the express option as you checkout in either the Cart or the Checkout page. If you are ordering on Saturday night and have a bender, it will not arrive quicker than if you ordered on Monday, and your parcel should arrive late that week, if not a day or so later.

    Shipping Information Australia

    New Zealand Post Express Label as used on all Express Shipments
  2. New Zealand GO standard: 7-20 days to rural 
    For NZ Post standard post, please allow 7-20 Business days depending on which State and country region the shipment is going to. 
  3. New Zealand Go Startrack: We expect to launch this service end of 2022

New Zealand Post's latest International updates


DHL Courier

For DHL Services to Australia, please send us a support request.

We can only operate DHL into AUSTRALIA if you upload a prescription. In all other countries, this is not a requirement, and we can dispatch up to 5Kg with DHL Internationally.

Pharmacies are exempt from prescriptions, and we can supply next-day main centres on orders.

DHL BigDog



if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to use the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page or through our support ticketing system